We Automate
T1 Checklists.

From T-slips to complex tax templates, Taxbotic fetches everything and organizes information based on income types for easy tax prep.

Business Receipts
Home Office Expenses
Automobile Expenses
Investments Tax Package
Form W-2
Tax Templates
COVID Benefits
Rental Receipts
RRSP Contributions
Child/Spousal Support
Moving Expenses
Employment Expenses
Tuition Claims
Medical Receipts
Professional Dues
Principal Residence

Stay organized and on top of things

Team Management

Bring your T1 team’s work together in one shared space. Invite team members and delegate tasks to staff to handle returns top to bottom while keeping tabs on the whole workflow.


Make it easier for your team to focus on tasks at hand and track their progress through Taxbotic KPI’s. Your account dashboard gives you a summary to keep you on track during the height of tax season.

Tax Summary

Taxbotic collects all information from your clients ready for tax prep. No more worrying about missing an important deduction as we strive to fetch you 95% of the documents. Any information missed can be requested directly through the platform.

Real Time Messaging

Connect with clients in real time. Exchange messages, documents and other media through Taxbotic’s secure messaging portal.


Taxbotic’s integration with Docusign provides a simple way for clients to sign authorizations easily and securely.

Stay organized and on top of things

Hassle free tax filing

Give your team and clients a smooth experience this tax season with a streamlined T1 Workflow.

Save time

Cut the usual back and forth with clients by automating admin tasks. Use the time saved to focus on billable work.

Painless tax prep

Taxbotic only asks what is relevant to your clients and notifies you when there is everything that you need to prepare returns. No more hiccups due to incomplete tax binders.


Taxbotic covers most of the scenarios your client may come across during a tax year. Hence leaving very little room to miss something.

Figuring out done for your clients

Taxbotic makes sure your clients don’t have to figure what you need from them to prepare their taxes. Our questionnaire has in built mapping that let’s them know exactly what needs to be provided.

Privacy and data-security you can count on

Taxbotic is built to accommodate modern security requirements. From server location to data handling, we’ve got it covered.

Canadian Servers

Data is stored in Canada

SSL/TLS Encryptions

We use industry leading encryptions when storing and transporting your data

Automatic Backup

Every 12 hours

Regular Testing

We conduct penetration/vulnerability testing, security audits and code reviews at regular intervals to find any weak links.

Virtual Private Network

Use of subnets to ensure one way access of internet and secure routing of the data. VPN also creates an isolated zone to prevent foreign access.

Application Firewalls

Use of AWS shield in conjuction with WAF to provide extra later of security.

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